72 Ravishing Gel Nail Art Designs to Jazz Up in Style for Your Manicure

Gel nail art is the latest trend in DIY nail art styles. Gel nails make great alternatives to artificial nails Nail artists prefer gel nails for the sheer creativity they can display while doing them. The best thing about gel nails is their shine and beauty. Remember, if you apply gel nails as a base coat, your real nails can get strength. The main difference between acrylic and gel nails is the used of varied elements in the curing process. While acrylic nails require the use of a combination of polymer and monomer, gel nails need UV light for its curing process.

How Do You Get Gel Nails before You Try the Gel Nail Art?

Even if you are a beginner to all DIY gel nails and gel nail art, you can quickly learn how to get amazingly pretty decorated nails. Our gel nail collection can give you plenty of ideas and of course, a lot of inspiration for your next nail manicure! So, how do you get gel nails without visiting the salon?

Here’s how!

  • Clean your nails to remove any natural shine, chipped polish etc. to prevent chipping of gel and to keep it withheld well.
  • Apply a thin coat of gel smoothly, starting at the cuticle. No need to put too much pressure on the brush
  • For 3 minutes, cure the layer of gel under a UV lamp.
  • Repeat coating your nails with gel layers according to instructions. Some products require you to apply 2-3 layers and some less.

The Amazing Variety of DIY Gel Nail Art

Patterned gel nail art, swirling flowers gel nail art, sparkly French gel nail manicures, patterns and prints gel nail art designs, retro punk gel nail art, sleek and sexy gel nail art with simple lines and glitter etc. are only a sample of the different looks you can achieve with DIY gel nail art ideas. If you take care of your gel nail art, you can sport these beauties for at least 2-4 weeks. Colors and patterns look brighter when used in gel nail art and no other nail art can reflect light as well as gel nails.

Check out this space to fill yourself with artistic inspiration. Pick the shiniest and sleekest gel nail art when you dress up to look your best!

Absolutely Chic DIY Gel Nail Manicure with Glitter Admirable Mint Glitter Gel Nail Art Design Admirable Rich Acrylic Nails with Gel Polish and Glitter Design Alluring Pastel White and Blue Gel with Wave and Bubble Nail Art Design Amazing Acrylic Gel Plastic Nails Design

Appealing Nude Gel Nails Artistic DIY Pumpkin Gel Design Attractive Gel Nail Extensions with 3D Floral Design Aweinspiring UV Gel Nail Art Design Awesome Sparkle UV Gel Color Glitter and Gel Paint Bear Nail Art Design Tutprial-Polar Bear Beautiful Gel Plus Nail Art Design Beautiful Nude Gel Nails with Amazing Natural Design Best Dream Catcher Nail Art Gel Polish Design for Short Nails Best Gradient peach and pink gel nails Design Black Base Butterfly Gel Nail Art Design Bright Animal Pattern Summer Gel Nail Art Bright Gel polish manicure Sizzling Pink with Magpie Glitter Brilliantly Stunning Gel Nails Charming Gel polish with Design Chic Plaid Nail Art Designs Classy Pink and Purple Gel Nails Pattern Colorful Black and Silver Triangles UV gel color and glitter Ideas Colorful Gel Addiction Nail Art Tutorial Colorful Gel Nails with 3D Design Creative Hard Gel Nail Art Design Cute Gel Nail Art Designs Cute Pink Canvas Shoe Lace Nail Art Design Dainty Gel Nail Art Design Dashing Gel Nail Art Pattern Elaborate Freehand Gel Nail Art Design Elegant Acrylic or Gel Nails Pattern Elegant Nail Art Glitter Pattern Encapsulated glitter on acrylic and gel Fashion Acrylic Infills with UV Gel Polish and Nail Art Designs Gel Nail Paint with Love Nail Art Gel Polish Glitter Accent Fingers Glittering Sculpted Acrylic Gel nails Design Gorgeous Color Glitter Gel Foil Stamps Shimmer Nail Art Design Impressive Gel Nail Art on Natural Nails Ideas Irresistible Simple Nail Art Design Latest Marble Glitter Gel nail art design Lovely Glitter Nail Art Design Lovely Nail Color Gel Classic Design Modish Gel Color Gitter Gel Paint and 3D Gel Pattern New Fashion Stained Glass Inspired Gel Nail Art Tutorial Pattern Nude Glitter Gel Nail Art Pattern Palm Trees Purple Sunset Created hard UV gel glitter gel Pattern Perfect Fiber Gel Nai Art Design Pink Glitter UV Gel Nails Popular Square Bubble Gum Refills with Nail Art Design Pretty Gel Nail Polish Ideas Professional Gel Nail Art Ideas Purple Plaid Gel Nail Art Design Red Short Nails Gel Nail Polish Manicure Design Rustic Blue Flowers Created using hard UV Gel Color Glitter Gel and 3D Gel Pattern Simple Chocoloate hard gel nails designs Simple Turquoise Sparkle UV Gel Color and Glitter Special Cashmere Gel Color Black Pattern Striking Gel Nails Design Stunning Acrylic Nails with Gel Polish Glitter Nail Art Chrome and Gems Designs Stylish Marble Effect Nails Design Super cute nail art with Gel nail polish Superb Acrylic Nails with Gel Polish Design Superb Gel Nail Art Design Superb Gel Nail Art Pattern Top Notch Gel nail art design Trending Gold Glitter Subtle Nail art Design Trending Stunning gel Nails Nude with Glitters Design Trendy Gel Nail Art Ideas Ultimate Gel Polish Manicure Colour with Magpie Glitter Freehand Nail Art Pattern Wonderful Purple Splash Rugged UV Gel Color Foil Glitter Gel Paint Pattern

Source for Images: facebook.com

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