The Best Luxury Women Trends to Watch Out

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for the fashion industry. The winter season unveiled bold, stylish designs. Huge, in-charge blazers, bold blue bags, and sleek face masks etc largely dominate the fashion industry. Moreover, this year’s fashion week portrayed the impressions of some of the most influential decades in fashion history. From Paris to Milan, you can find some serious style inspirations. The best luxury women trends extend from high-end emergency bags to virtual fashion show presentations.

Cheese-Inspired Luxury Purse: Longchamp

The Mr. Bag-Longchamp collection consists of seven handbags. For almost three consecutive years now, luxury purse brand Longchamp has collaborated with the Chinese digital influencer Mr. Bags to launch a conspicuous 7-piece handbag collection that we all look forward to!

The “Chihuo” concept- meaning food in Chinese- inspired the manufacturing of this 7-piece handbag. The collection comes in a range of styles and sizes for an enhanced and luxurious experience.

The cheese-inspired collection comes in bold and bright-yellow cheese wedge patterns. The other purses also feature avant-grade details like cheese chunks, missing from the flaps.

The Playful Disney x Gucci Collection

2020 put a halt on all the luxuries and trends you could find on the streets, screens, and billboards. We mostly wasted away our months in pajamas and formals. With the hope that 2021 will bring more opportunities to explore brands and collections, we look forward to the Disney x Gucci collab collection.

The new range of style portrays cute Disney characters that we absolutely love! The creations are meant for lovers of high-fashion and cartoons. The Disney x Gucci capsule collection is one of a kind providing people with the opportunity to embrace youthful experiences once again.

Chromatic Latex Fashion

Dead Lotus Conture, a London-based apparel label, is drawing women to the artistic appeal of natural latex fashion. The new collection from this luxury brand Titled ‘Operio’ is based around stylistic natural latex.

The inspiration is drawn from cult cinema’s decadent, and menacing moments, while the silhouette remains decisively retro. Some outfits are bold and expressive with their tight fit and exaggerated shoulders, while others brag textural contiguity between the shiny surface of the latex and the accentuated fake fur.

The Luxury of Aromatic Lingerie

The luxurious lingerie brand, Effleure is all set to blend aroma with lingerie to create the perfect sexual appeal and experience. The new collection of lingerie comes from the Canadian fashion entrepreneur, Virginia Marcolin.

Aromas and essential oils trigger therapeutic and emotional memories and act as a powerful aphrodisiac. Add lingerie into the mix, and it creates an invigorating experience.

Effleure offers a range of high-quality lingerie infused with scented oils like dark chocolate, dark coconut, lavender, and French Vanilla. Consumers have an exquisite collection to choose from that best expresses their ardor.

The Unique Toe Collection by Balenciaga

The luxury fashion house, Balenciaga, in collaboration with Vibram is here with the new Toe Collection brimming with funky silhouettes. The capsule features two exclusive editions of sneaker models and a high-heeled silhouette. All the footwear by this brand for the new capsule has been created from recycled knit materials.

The highlighting feature of the design is, as you can guess, \ on the toe. The silhouette and the flexible soles separate the toe presents Vibram’s patented five fingers style. This gives a tactile perception during the move as the design adds bounce and height to the entire pattern of the new collection. Whilst the latest Balenciaga collection is selling out you can still find some over at, but we can’t be sure for how long.

The Coveted Birkin Bags Inspire Rogue Hermes Lipstick

The fans of this luxury brand can’t keep calm because the brand is here with its own beauty product- 24 shades of Rogue Hermes lipstick. This is a new landmark for the brand as this is the first time they have entered the beauty industry in more than 180 years of their existence!

The highly anticipated line of rogue Hermes takes inspiration from Birkin handbags and also includes the same Perma brass hardware used on its coveted bags. The set of Rogue Hermes lipstick is available in matte and satin finishes for their customers.

Transitioned Metal Jewelry by Pandora

Pandora is determined to stop using newly mined silver and gold for their jewelry by 2025. The best luxury women trends include this luxury jewelry brand which is all set to use recycled gold and silver metal for jewelry that will significantly cut down carbon emissions.

As it goes, Pandora is already using 71% of recycled silver and gold for its jewelry without compromising on the quality of their creations. The design, unique craftsmanship, and exquisiteness of the jewelry from this line still remain the same, if not better!

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