Cute Rainy Day Outfit Ideas for Dressing During April Showers

Umbrellas aren’t really part of your rainy day outfit, but they can be. Having a cute umbrella that compliments your rainy day attire could be a bonus to your style. Think about how well your outfit and umbrella go together. You could use it to accessorize and add a bit of flair to your wardrobe. You may decide to go with the traditional kind which is plain or choose to shake things up with. I could go on and on about umbrellas, but that is not the reason you are here. 

Rainy Day Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Often, rainy days are accused of encouraging bland, uninspired looks. There the perfect times to assert that you can be cozy and still look stylish. A little rain should not be the reason you fall behind on trendy looks. If anything, it is quite admirable to pull off stunning looks with that cold, damp weather. I don’t know about you but finding the right outfit for the day is hard enough as it is., rain or no rain. Imagine having to choose one for a rainy day! It is essential to know what everyday items and matches you can have in your closet for a quick style boost even during dull cloudy seasons.

Sweater it Up

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I absolutely love sweaters. They are a fashion classic no closet should ever stay without. Sweaters go great with your favorite pants and ankle booties for those cold, damp days. Still feeling chilly, why not slap on a stylish coat. There are several mysteries in this universe, why everyone looks fabulous in a sweater may be one of them. Every woman needs several sweater choices in her closet. You mustn’t underestimate the power of a great sweater. Whether form-fitting, tucked in, oversized or turtle neck, consider having one or two of these ready for.

Don’t be afraid to play around with colors and textures. This will help you add some complexity to your look during these dull times.

Rain Jackets

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Yes, you heard me right. I said rain jackets. Macs are a beautiful alternative to that bulky umbrella. Don get me wrong, a good umbrella can bring some much-needed pizzazz to your look. A , however, can double up as weather protective wear and style enhancing wear. Choosing the right raincoat is easy. You get so many choices you just want another one, and another one.

Macs are sure to give you an effortless cool-girl vibe. You know that fashion-forward girl each of us always wants to be; well she probably owns a rain coat. Thinking about getting a rain jacket? Me too. You cannot afford to lack such a versatile piece in your April showers collection.

Grab that Hat

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Hats are comfortable to wear. You can use them to cover up bad hair days or to flaunt your style during cold rainy weather. The most common hat idea would have to be beanies and fleece hats for cold damp weather. These are warm and comfy options. Hats can boost your cute factor depending on how well you wear them. You can also explore cold rainy day outfits.

Wear Bright Colors

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If fashion was a color, what do you think it would be? I can’t really say, but if it were a color during dull rainy days, it would probably be a bold show stopper. Color may not be an item, but it is essential for monsoon season. Colors help you break away from the grays and blacks of coldness. With the right amount of color in your outfit, you are sure to bring a buzz with you every time you walk into a room. Break free from that monochromatic hell with pops of color here and there. 

Blocking colors is the best way to bring some vibrancy to your style.

Get Yourself A Pair of Boots

I’m talking about boots. These are my favorite all weather shoes. Boots come in different varieties, depending on your preferences. No matter what type you pick, boots tie your outfit together to give you that effortlessly chic finish. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you try your skinny jeans with a tuck in turtle neck and a pair of ankle booties? Don’t forget to throw on your favorite coat. Boots don’t limit you to pants. You can wear them with other bottoms, as well as dresses. Nothing screams cute than a good pair of boots paired with an appropriate outfit.

Maxi Everything

Maxi jackets, maxi trench coats even maxi puffer coats. You can’t afford to lack at least one of these. Maxis are a beautiful way to incorporate an elegant vibe into your regular day looks. When you wear them open, they add a general flow-e-ness to your outfit. While closed, maxis exaggerate that waist snatch and show off your feminine silhouette. It’s hard to say no to a cute maxi. It’s even harder to resist one during cold, drizzly weather. 

Who doesn’t what to be that girl rocking a puffer coat with a killer set of boots! What about those pockets? There’s just something so stylish with being able to pocket while walking. I am convinced that part of the reason maxi coats have pockets is so just you can strut around in them with your hands in your pockets. You can also try some summer day rainy outfits.

Rain Boots are a Must

If you’re feeling up to it, get yourself a stylish pair of rain boots. They are strangely a great addition to a cute or chilled out look. You might not think so, but once you try them on, you’ll definitely see what I mean.

Rainy days are a great excuse to burst out some of the articles in your closet that you don’t usually wear. Don’t be scared to look gorgeous in dull weather. Be inspired to try on different rainy day outfit ideas that suit that gloomy weather. This is the perfect time to experiment with bold colors and print. If you don’t already have one, get yourself an April showers collection for your wardrobe. It’s the perfect excuse to do some shopping because the rain is coming.

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