75 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas to Transform Yourself into a Spooky Creature

Looking for cost-effective and easy Halloween makeup? Go through our gallery of images to find a comprehensive collection of Halloween makeup ideas. From vampires, zombies, witches, deer to spider web, fairy or even cat woman, you can choose to dress up like any spooky character. Check out our easy Halloween makeup tutorials with step-by-step instructions to do the Halloween make up like a pro. Explore the DIY simple Halloween makeup ideas from our blog to sport a creepy but attention-grabbing Halloween look within your budget. Check out easy Halloween makeup ideas here.

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Beginners

  • Crazy Fall Witch: To dress up like a witch you need different shades of makeup and ensure that the eye make-up of the two eyes need not be identical. Hence it is fairly easy to pull off this look. Complete your look with a witch hat.
  • Easy Vampire Look: All you would need is daily makeup and red glitter to pull-off an easy vampire look.
  • Creepy Doll: To carry off the creepy doll look, all you would need is two-toned eyeshadow for nailing the look perfectly. To complete your doll look put on a pretty dress.

Last Minute Halloween Make-Up Which Can Be of Great Help

  • Scary Zombie Look: You can smartly carry off the creepy zombie look with red ‘lip gloss’, black eyeliner and by donning an old t-shirt.
  • Cute Scarecrow: For a simple scarecrow look all you would need is eyeliner, plaid shirt,and a hat.
  • Cat-Woman Look: Sport the look of a cat woman with basic makeup such as red lipstick, black eyeliner,and a Catwoman
  • Fairy Look: You can make the fairy look blingy and complicated. To start off all you would need is basic eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, glitter and a pair of wings. Check out pretty Halloween makeup ideas

Amazing Cute Doll-like DIY Halloween MakeupVia

Amazing Cute Doll-like DIY Halloween Makeup

Annabelle Doll Scary Makeup for Halloween LookVia

Annabelle Doll Scary Makeup For Halloween Look

Batman Style Perfect Makeup Via

Batman Style Perfect Makeup

Beautiful Witch Halloween Makeup Via

Beautiful Witch Halloween Makeup

Beginners Easy Halloween MakeupVia

Beginners Easy Halloween Makeup

Big Cut Mouth DIY SFX Simple Halloween MakeupVia

Big Cut Mouth DIY SFX Simple Halloween Makeup

Black Cat College Girls Makeup for HalloweenVia

Black Cat College Girls Makeup for Halloween

Blue Face and Skeleton Hand MakeupVia

Blue Face And Skeleton Hand Makeup

Bold Halloween Makeup IdeasVia

Bold Halloween Makeup Ideas

Brown Faced Easy Halloween MakeupVia

Brown Faced Easy Halloween Makeup

Burnt Skin Innovative Makeup of HalloweenVia

Burnt Skin Innovative Makeup Of Halloween

Cat Halloween Cute Makeup for Halloween PartiesVia

Cat Halloween Cute Makeup For Halloween Parties

Cheetah Style Easy Makeup for GirlsVia

Cheetah Style Easy Makeup For Girls

Clown Halloween MakeupVia

Clown Halloween Makeup

Cobweb Halloween Easy MakeupVia

Cobweb Halloween Easy Makeup

Creative yet Cute Spider Web Paint near EyeVia

Creative yet Cute Spider Web Paint Near Eye

Cut Skin Horrid MakeupVia

Cut Skin Horrid Makeup

Cute Puppy Face Halloween Makeup DIYVia

Cute Puppy Face Halloween Makeup DIY

Deer Outlook Unique Makeup IdeasVia

Deer Outlook Unique Makeup Ideas

Delicious Ice Cream Makeup for BeginnersVia

Delicious Ice Cream Makeup For Beginners

Disease Makeup for Halloween PartiesVia

Disease Makeup For Halloween Parties

DIY Simple Halloween MakeupVia

DIY Simple Halloween Makeup

Dracula Scary MakeupVia

Dracula Scary Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup for BeginnersVia

Easy Halloween Makeup For Beginners

Easy-To-Do Halloween MakeupVia

Easy-To-Do Halloween Makeup

Easy-To-Do Halloween MakeupVia

Enlightened Sparkling Halloween Makeup

Excellent Super Power Halloween MakeupVia

Excellent Super Power Halloween Makeup

Eyes Big Scary Doll MakeupVia

Eyes Big Scary Doll Makeup

Flowing Blood Halloween MakeupVia

Flowing Blood Halloween Makeup

Flying Bats on Eye Corner – Easy Halloween MakeupVia

Flying Bats on Eye Corner - Easy Halloween Makeup

Full Green Face MakeupVia

Full Green Face Makeup

Giraffe with Horns Hair and Makeup for HalloweenVia

Giraffe with Horns Hair and Makeup for Halloween

Gorgeous Torn Skin Halloween MakeupVia

Gorgeous Torn Skin Halloween Makeup

Half Painted Blue and Blooded Skin Halloween MakeupVia

Half Painted Blue And Blooded Skin Halloween Makeup

Halloween Look with Stitched Face Makeup for BeginnersVia

Halloween Look with Stitched Face Makeup For Beginners

Hand Painted Unique Halloween Makeup IdeaVia

Hand Painted Unique Halloween Makeup Idea

Handcrafted Wonderful Halloween Makeup IdeasVia

Handcrafted Wonderful Halloween Makeup Ideas

Horrified Look for Makeup TutorialsVia

Horrified Look For Makeup Tutorials

Horrifying Halloween MakeupVia

Horrifying Halloween Makeup

Huge Mouth Size Halloween MakeupVia

Huge Mouth Size Halloween Makeup

Kids Easy Halloween MakeupVia

Kids Easy Halloween Makeup

Love Makeup for PrettinessVia

Love Makeup For Prettiness

Makeup of Scary NunVia

Makeup Of Scary Nun

Melted Ice Cream Elegant MakeupVia

Melted Ice Cream Elegant Makeup

Minnie Mouse Outlook Cute MakeupVia

Minnie Mouse Outlook Cute Makeup

Modern Halloween MakeupVia

Modern Halloween Makeup

One-sided Lip Easy Makeup for BeginnersVia

One-sided Lip Easy Makeup For Beginners

Outstanding Halloween Makeup of Oozing Out BloodVia

Outstanding Halloween Makeup Of Oozing Out Blood

Perfect Tiger Halloween MakeupVia

Perfect Tiger Halloween Makeup

Possessed Halloween MakeupVia

Possessed Halloween Makeup

Pretty Girl and Batman Halloween MakeupVia

Pretty Girl And Batman Halloween Makeup

Quick and Easy Halloween Black Cat MakeupVia

Quick and Easy Halloween Black Cat Makeup

Red Sparkled Eyes Halloween MakeupVia

Red Sparkled Eyes Halloween Makeup

Rose Colored Halloween MakeupVia

Rose Colored Halloween Makeup

Rustic Look of Halloween MakeupVia

Rustic Look Of Halloween Makeup

Scary Monster Makeup IdeasVia

Scary Monster Makeup Ideas

Scratch and Cut Halloween MakeupVia

Scratch And Cut Halloween Makeup

Scratched and Cut Halloween MakeupVia

Scratched And Cut Halloween Makeup

Show Step By Step Joker MakeupVia

Show Step By Step Joker Makeup

Skeleton and Vampire Halloween MakeupVia

Skeleton And Vampire Halloween Makeup

Snake Makeup for BeginnersVia

Snake Makeup For Beginners

So Big Mouth Makeup DIYVia

So Big Mouth Makeup DIY

Spooky Nun Halloween MakeupVia

Spooky Nun Halloween Makeup

Stitched Halloween MakeupVia

Stitched Halloween Makeup

Stunning Halloween Cat MakeupVia

Stunning Halloween Cat Makeup

Stylish Makeup of HalloweenVia

Stylish Makeup Of Halloween

Terrific Look of Halloween Dracula MakeupVia

Terrific Look Of Halloween Dracula Makeup

The Purge Makeup DIY Tutorial for HalloweenVia

The Purge Makeup DIY Tutorial for Halloween

Thunderstorm Perfect MakeupVia

The Purge Makeup DIY Tutorial for Halloween

Tutorial for Vampire MakeupVia

Tutorial For Vampire Makeup

Violet Colored Spider Halloween MakeupVia

Violet Colored Spider Halloween Makeup

White and Black DIY Halloween Skeleton Makeup IdeaVia

White and Black DIY Halloween Skeleton Makeup Idea

White Black Flower MakeupVia

White Black Flower Makeup

Wolverine Style Halloween MakeupVia

Wolverine Style Halloween Makeup

Wonderful Dracula MakeupVia

Wonderful Dracula Makeup

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