Can Laser Hair Removal Permanently Remove Hair?

If you are one of the many people that’s not happy with waxing, tweezing, or shaving unwanted hair, then it’s time for you to step out to the new norm and the most effective treatment to say goodbye to unwanted hair—laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure done in the US. It uses FDA-approved and guaranteed useful beams of highly concentrated lights directly to hair follicles to destroy and eliminate the growth of unwanted hair on target areas. The pigments of the hair follicles absorb these lights and destroy them. 

The use of lasers has been a widespread treatment due to its efficacy. It effectively removes unwanted stubborn hair from your bikini line, underarm, arm, back, chin, leg, face, and more. The procedure offers precise, fast, and predictable results. With tons of medical spas, clinics, and salons that provide this service, it’s essential to find the most reliable and trusted specialist to do the job right. 

Doing quick research can help you take advantage of it’s life-long benefits, whether to improve the quality of your life, self-confidence, or aesthetic purposes. In this case, Brampton’s top rated laser hair removal service should be your go-to place once you plan to do laser hair removal the first time. They have tons of services regarding the elimination of unwanted hair through laser treatment and target various areas of the body. 

You want to invest in something that provides long-lasting permanent results like laser hair removal. And you must know more about this popular treatment, it’s pros and cons, and why more people love the result, this treatment has to offer. 

Does Hair Removal With Laser Treatment Provide Permanent Results?

When it comes to procedures that help you effectively reduce, eliminate, and deal with unwanted hair, lasers are now gaining popularity due to their efficacy. Lasers are widely used for areas of your body, including underarms, face, back, leg, bikini line, chin, and more. 

Laser hair removal effectively works by providing a safe light or heat that directly hits the hair follicles and stops the new hair from growing. It puts your hair follicles to a dormant state for a longer time, longer compared to waxing, shaving, or tweezing. It does not offer ‘permanent’ results as eventually, your hair will still grow, but it’ll be finer, lighter, and less. 

While this treatment is touted as ‘permanent’, laser hair removal only reduces the amount of unwanted hair to your target area. It just feels permanent due to its effects. The process has better results for people with darker or lighter skin tones. AAD (American Association of Dermatology) requires patients to check for dermatologists that are board-certified to perform the treatment.

Does It Work?

Laser hair removal provides a long-lasting treatment which destroys or damages your hair follicles. It uses FDA-approved laser lights that target hair pigments, travel directly to your hair follicles, and hair will no longer grow from it. 

The hair has a unique way of growing. It involves shedding, resting, and regrowth period. That hair that is recently removed goes into a resting phase that won’t be visible for lasers or specialists. A person will need to wait for the hair to regrow before it needs another removing session. 

Laser hair removal effects vary for most people, but in general, it takes about a couple to three months to see stunning results. 

Is There Risk of Side Effects Associated With Laser Hair Removal? 

Since lasers use light, there are known setbacks that you might encounter along with the procedure. People who have undergone the process can experience the following:

  • Stinging, burning, or discomfort in the treated area. 
  • You’ll experience skin redness in the treated area.
  • You may experience crusting or blistering into your skin.
  • Temporary changes in your skin colour, especially for people with darker skin tone. 
  • Sometimes, there can be irritation which can cause scarring.

Though skin infection is rare, you have to consult a certified dermatologist to help you understand the benefits, setbacks, and help you manage your expectations with laser hair removal. If you have undergone the procedure, your healthcare provider should provide do’s and don’ts following your treatment to have optimum results. 


Laser hair removal is one of the most widespread procedures of ‘permanently’ removing unwanted hair on target areas of your body. To have an optimum result, checking for a well-experienced specialist can help you achieve your target aesthetic goal. 


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