Minimalist Makeup Tips for a Flawless Natural Look

In theory, natural makeup should be one of the easiest looks to do – after all, it’s minimal! But it doesn’t always equate to minimal effort. From cakey foundation to contouring that looks more forced than natural, it’s not uncommon to encounter problems when trying to do makeup that looks like you’ve just got up out of bed looking fresh and haven’t even bothered applying any cosmetics other than some moisturizer. So, we’ve put together some tips from the pros to help you nail the ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

#1. Customize your base:

One of the best ways to get a more natural base for your makeup is to mix a little foundation into your moisturizer, rather than using foundation on its own. This will tone down the coverage, giving your skin a more natural-looking, dewy finish. Check out the free makeup samples from JustFreebies to find a foundation that you can use to get this effect. Mixing it in with your moisturizer helps to reduce the heaviness of the base and give you a glowing finish.

#2. Use less concealer:

You might be tempted to go a little over the top with your concealer, but sadly, this can lead to caking and ashy under eyes, leaving you with a makeup look that looks anything but natural. One tip to use when applying concealer is to look at yourself in the eyes when applying, rather than zoning in on your imperfections. You may find that when you’re looking at your own face the same way that somebody else would when talking to you, you actually notice fewer of the little flaws that you usually would.

#3. Ignore labels:

Just because a makeup product is designed for a specific use, doesn’t mean that you can’t put it to use elsewhere. In fact, one of the best ways to achieve a soft, natural eye is a wash of bronzing powder over your lid. And, many lipsticks will double up as a great product to use for a natural, rosy cheek.

#4. Choose definition over drama:

If you want to define your eyes but keep a natural rather than a dramatic liner look, then the best thing to do is apply a soft black or natural brown eye pencil to the top and bottom waterlines on your eye. Once you’ve applied it, shut your eye tight to push the pigment into the roots of your lashes and more clearly define the appearance of your natural lash line. Use a cotton bud to remove the majority of the pencil from the waterline. This will leave the pigment at the lash roots and define your eyes without any harsh lines.

#5. Tone your blush down:

Rosy, flushed cheeks can look great but if you want to achieve a no-makeup makeup look, then you need to be more subtle. One of the best ways to do this is to tone down your blush a little bit, leaving you with a more natural flushed look. To do this, apply your blush as usual, but then go over it with a foundation brush that you have recently used. This will help tone it down to a softer finish.

#6. Groom your lashes and brows:

You don’t need to use lashings of mascara and brow pomade to get your brows and lashes looking nice. A good lash curler is a must here – it can add definition to your lashes without appearing too dramatic. And when it comes to mascara, add a coat to the top lashes only. Using brown, rather than black mascara can also lead to a softer look. And finally, brush your brows up and away from your facing using a spoolie or a clear brow gel.

Do you have any natural makeup tips of your own to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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