Parisian Style and Fashion Trends to Dress Like a Perfect French Woman

Parisian girls are famous for their unique attitude, determination to succeed and beautiful hairs and their fashion sense is all about being cool, chic, timeless and gorgeously perfect. If you are going for Parisian style this year, remember three things – (a) French women always value quality over quantity (b) They do not care for a big wardrobe, but are ok with small wardrobes having a versatile collection (c) They will never overdress.

Quick Guide for Unique Parisian Style

Just keep your style simple and uncomplicated and voila, you are rocking the perfect Parisian girl look! Here’s a sneak peek into the unique choices of Parisian women.

  • Heels:

    A French woman would never go for high heels. Instead, she would prefer to wear classic style slingback pumps, which are cool and comfortable to wear. French women do not blindly follow the fashion instead they choose to create their own unique style.


  • Clothes:

    French fashion is not about buying expensive clothes from a famous brand, it is about basic etiquettes i.e. how you carry what you are wearing? Layering is the key to Parisian style. French women do wear a lot of grey and black.

Here are some basic essentials in a classic French wardrobe:

    • Pencil skirts
    • Denim jackets
    • Fitting jeans, you will never see a true French woman wearing loose jeans, that’s not their style
    • A perfectly tailored white shirt
    • Leather perfecto and an amazing raincoat for rainy days
    • At least one little black dress
    • Trench coat
    • Scarves and belt


  • Accessories:

    French Women loves to wear accessories that flatter their body. Never forget the right bag for a chic French girl look. A Parisian girl will never ever over accessorize. They like to keep it simple, stylish and elegant. Instead of going for pricy items they would love to go for luxurious timeless pieces. Accessories that never go out of style in Parisian style wardrobe are:

    • Cameo Pieces
    • Gold Hoops
    • Crystal Earrings
    • Chokers
    • Layered Necklaces
    • Thin Gold Rings
    • Leather Bags, leopard print bags are trending these days
    • Straw Totes
    • Basket and Bucket bags
    • Black Cat-Eye sunglasses
    • Silk Scarves
    • Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
    • Thin Gold Rings
    • Watches

These are the basic accessories you should own if you are going for a Parisian girl look. French                     Women don’t mind wearing expensive jewelry with simple clothes. The only thing that matters                   is accessories should match their outfit.

Parisian Women Hair Trends

French women are known for their beautiful hair. Their hairstyles are simple and elegant and flawless. French women are known for their simple and natural styles. The hairstyles that are trending in French culture this year are wispy bangs, feathered layers, blunt a line bob and curly shag hair. Remember the hair cut is not about what is trending because trends change every day. It’s about what suits you. Choose a perfect hairstyle for you and blend in.

French women take very good care of their beauty and hair. They choose the products with fewer chemicals so the product won’t damage their hair.

Fragrances That Fit the Choice of Parisian Women

Parisian woman love for their perfumes cannot be described. We all know the fact of how much a French woman loves her perfume. They can’t even imagine going without wearing their favorite smell. The top trending perfumes this year are,

  • Ninna Ricci
  • Givenchy
  • PacoRabanne
  • Thierry Mugler Alien
  • Lancome Tresor
  • Guerlain Idylle

Are you in love with Parisian style? It is indeed classy and elegant. Add a healthy boost of confidence, the unique French manicure and self-love in your French girl look and nothing will stop you in conquering the world.

Featured Image Source: Instagram

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