Septum Piercing Guide – Meaning, Types and Ideas

Septum piercing is a rebellious piercing that always looks very trendy, no matter what type of style you prefer to wear. Being increasingly popular, it is a perfect way to express yourself in a bold and a bit provocative manner. A few years ago, a lot of people believed that only the most hardcore among us could get the nasal septum piercing. However, today the attitude towards this form of facial decoration has changed through different piercing ideas which are in vogue.

Getting a needle or ring through your nasal septum is a mainstream trend among people of all ages (teenagers, young and senior adults). If you’re also thinking about sticking your nasal septum and wearing a lovely nose attribute, you should learn more about all the basics of this procedure and choose the best type of septum piercing for yourself.

What Is Septum Piercing?

It is one of the most painless piercings that can absolutely change the way you look. Actually, this type of facial piercing means that you’re ready to get your nasal septum pierced – right between the nostrils. The septum piercing is a non-agonizing one because of the skin on the end of the nose. That does not allow the cartilage to get hurt when sticking the needle through the septum.

The septum piercing mustn’t be confused with a nose piercing or a bull ring one. You need to realize that pinning a nasal septum is just a type of nose piercing. Getting a bull ring means wearing the ring about 3 to 5 inches in diameter. So both terms are inaccurate and technically wrong.

Types of Septum Piercing

If you’ve made up your mind to get your septum pinned, you need to figure out what type of piercing will suit you best. There are a lot of septum piercing options and they all vary depending on the shape and size of the main piercing attribute – a ring or a barbell. Below you’ll find the most popular types of the septum piercing. Check them out and identify which one will work best for you.

  • Circular Barbells: There are many possible options of circular barbells to choose from. Being a real fashion statement, they differ in the diameter of the ring, in the ball size and color, and, of course, in the shaft color.
  • Captive Bead Ring: This widespread type of piercing offers any client a smooth and comfortable ring that can be made from silver, gold and even glass. Such a ring includes a little ball or beard with slots on each side to fill the gap in the ring.
  • Seamless Rings: Hinged rings or regular ones are a simple and sharp-looking choice that doesn’t have any sort of ball. Both variants are very easy to apply.
  • Septum Clickers: Various clicker style rings are commonly used in the septum pinning, but unlike hinged segment rings, their shapes are not exactly circular. They usually have a bit conspicuous gauge area that doesn’t go through the piercing itself and attracts people’s attention.
  • Septum Retainers: This type of piercing options are more square in shape and this characteristic makes them a creative alternative to any classic ring.

Men, as well as women, find this piercing style trendy and hot. According to official statistics, about 19% of women and 15% of men in the United States get their noses pierced. By the way, nose piercing is the second most popular piercing type among Americans. As said earlier, it is one of two main types of nose piercing. So when it comes to the nasal septum, men are more likely to wear circular barbells and captive bead rings. On the other hand, women prefer to get seamless and slicker style options.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re ready to stick a needle through your septum, you should realize how much it will cost. On average, the price of getting the septum piercing can vary from $30 to $90 (the jewelry cost is commonly included). Try to choose the most qualified piercing shop and high-quality jewelry. Before visiting such a shop, it would be better to see its website and read clients’ comments on it. For septum piercing ideas you can explore the blog.


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