60 Creepy Skeleton Makeup Ideas to Scare Everyone at the Party

Want to sport a scary skeleton look this Halloween? Check out our collection of incredible skeleton makeup ideas here. With the help of extreme shadowing and contouring, you can use makeup for creating ‘lifelike’ skeleton costumes. From half skulls, orange, purple to bridal skulls, we have an incredible collection of skeleton make up ideas. In addition to the scary and creepy skeleton makeupideas, we even have a good collection if glamorous skulls in purple and pink. Choose one according to your taste, persona,and style. You can evengo through scary Halloween makeup ideas here.

Trendsetting Spooky Skeletal Makeup You Would Not Want To Miss

  • Half Skulls: The half skulls have become popular as they are versatile, easy-to-do and you only need to apply makeup on one half of the face. For creating the dramatic half skull look use dark ‘eyeshadow palette’ and white ‘face paint’.
  • Twin Skeleton: One of the most difficult skeletons make up to pull off is that of the ‘twin skeleton’. For effectively carrying out twin skeletons, it is important to copy each of the technical details carefully.
  • Bony Skeleton: The bony skeleton look gives a creepy feeling as it creates the optical illusion of showing off the bones in the body.

Glamorous Skeletal Makeup to Die For

  • Purple Skull: Sport a glamorous look during the fall and Halloween festival with purple skeleton makeup.
  • Dreamy Orange Skull: The orange skeleton makeup gives a feeling of brightness and freshness that is totally contrasting to the creepy Halloween makeup. The blue-eyed beauties can carry off the orange skull look effortlessly.
  • Glam Skull: Instead of the wacky and weirdo skeleton look, sport the purple and pink glam look andbe the cynosure of your Halloween party.

With these skeleton makeup ideas, look insanely bizarre and have all eyes on you. You can even check out some ghoulish latest Halloween ghost makeup ideas here.


A Big Mouth Skeleton MakeupVia

A Big Mouth Skeleton Makeup

Angry Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Angry Look For Skeleton Makeup

Ash and Black Painted Halloween MakeupVia

Ash And Black Painted HAlloween Makeup

Beautiful but Bold Skeleton MakeupVia

Beautiful But Bold Skeleton Makeup

Big Teeth Halloween MakeupVia

Big Teeth Halloween Makeup

Black Glittering And colored Skeleton MakeupVia

Black GLittering And colored Skeleton Makeup

Blood Red Skeleton MakeupVia

Blood Red Skeleton Makeup

Blue Painted Big Teeth Skeleton MakeupVia

Blue Painted Big Teeth Skeleton Makeup

Bold Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Bold Look For Skeleton Makeup

Coloring Skeleton MakeupVia

Coloring Skeleton Makeup

Crackling Smile Skeleton MakeupVia

Crackling Smile Skeleton Makeup

Creative Skeleton MakeupVia

Creative Skeleton Makeup

Dark and Scary Big Eyes Skeleton MakeupVia

Dark and Scary Big Eyes Skeleton Makeup

Dual Colors Skeleton MakeupVia

Dual Colors Skeleton Makeup

Enchanting Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Enchanting Look For Skeleton Makeup

Eye Catching Half Painted Halloween MakeupVia

Eye Catching Half Painted Halloween Makeup

Flower Outlook Skeleton MakeupVia

Flower Outlook Skeleton Makeup

Full Skeleton Look Halloween MakeupVia

Full Skeleton Look Halloween Makeup

Gold and Black Glittering Skeleton MakeupVia

Gold And Black Glittering Skeleton Makeup

Golden Glittering Skeleton MakeupVia

Golden Glittering Skeleton Makeup

Green Painted Huge Mouth Halloween Skeleton Face MakeupVia

Green Painted Huge Mouth Halloween Skeleton Face Makeup

Half Painted Skeleton MakeupVia

Half Painted Skeleton Makeup

Halloween Makeup for Scary LookVia

Halloween Makeup For Scary Look

Hand Painted Skeleton MakeupVia

Hand Painted Skeleton Makeup

Handcrafted Scary Makeup for a Scary LookVia

Handcrafted Scary Makeup For A Scary Look

High Makeup Skeleton LookVia

High Makeup Skeleton Look

Hollow Cheeks Scary Skeleton MakeupVia

Hollow Cheeks Scary Skeleton Makeup with Stitched Face

Horrified Look of Skeleton MakeupVia

Horrified Look Of Skeleton Makeup

Hot Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Hot Look For Skeleton Makeup

Hot Skeleton MakeupVia

Hot Skeleton Makeup

Huge Mouth Skeleton MakeupVia

Huge Mouth Skeleton Makeup

Innovative Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Innovative Look For Skeleton Makeup

Leaf Painted Halloween MakeupVia

Leaf Painted Halloween Makeup

Love Symbol Skeleton MakeupVia

Love Symbol Skeleton Makeup

Makeup for Skeleton Perfect OutlookVia

Makeup For Skeleton Perfect Outlook

Modern Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Modern Look For Skeleton Makeup

Nun Look Scary Halloween MakeupVia

Nun Look Scary Halloween Makeup

Oozing Out Blood Scary MakeupVia

Oozing Out Blood Scary MAkeup

Painted Half Skeleton MakeupVia

Painted Half Skeleton Makeup

Perfect Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Perfect Look for Skeleton Makeup

Red Eyes Skeleton MakeupVia

Red Eyes Skeleton Makeup

Rose Pink Shaded Skeleton MakeupVia

Rose Pink Shaded Skeleton Makeup

Rustic Halloween Makeup Giving a Horrified LookVia

Rustic Halloween Makeup Giving A Horrified Look

Scary Skeleton MakeupVia

Scary Skeleton Makeup

Simple Nun Outlook Skeleton MakeupVia

Simple Nun Outlook Skeleton Makeup

Skeleton Face Makeup Perfect for HalloweenVia

Skeleton Face Makeup Perfect for Halloween

Step By Step Skeleton MakeupVia

Step By Step Skeleton Makeup

Step By Step Tutorial for Skeleton Makeup Via

Step By Step Tutorial for Skeleton Makeup

Stitched Lips Halloween MakeupVia

Stitched Lips Halloween Makeup

Stitches Everywhere Skeleton MakeupVia

Stitches Everywhere Skeleton Makeup

Stones and Glittering Skeleton MakeupVia

Stones And Glittering Skeleton Makeup

Stunning Outlook Scary Skeleton MakeupVia

Stunning Outlook Scary Skeleton Makeup

The Scary Pumpkin Skeleton MakeupVia

The Scary Pumpkin Skeleton Makeup

Trendy Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Trendy Look For Skeleton Makeup

Unique Look for Skeleton MakeupVia

Unique Look For Skeleton Makeup

Very Scary Look of Skeleton MakeupVia

Very Scary Look Of Skeleton Makeup

White And Black Bold Skeleton MakeupVia

White And Black Bold Skeleton Makeup

White Painted Scary MakeupVia

White Painted Scary Makeup

Wonderful Halloween Skeleton Makeup for GirlsVia

Wonderful Halloween Skeleton Makeup For Girls

Zip Painted Skeleton MakeupVia

Zip Painted Skeleton Makeup

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