5 Top Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding planning calls for a lot of shopping and regular visits to malls to select the best collection. Some people prefer to wear long gown dresses while others like ball gowns for looking like a doll. No need to worry if you have no knowledge about the latest wedding dress trends and designs.

If you are looking for a classy and trendy wedding dress, plan your shopping trip across the city with a professional car rental. Visit the reputed stores to select the outfit for your special day. Here we’ve covered top trends to make your selection process easier.

Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends 

The most trending wedding dresses designs that you can shop to make your wedding day more special are:

  • Lace Wedding Dress Gowns
  • High-low Hemline Dresses
  • Full Coverage Gowns
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress
  • Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dress Gowns

Lace wedding dresses are ideal for you if you are looking for a dress of ever-green fashion. Lacework motifs at the border of gowns are in trend for a long time. You can get your lace gown in any color.  However, the popular choices are blush and ivory.

Many people prefer to buy lace gowns in white as it represents the culture of purity and decency. But it’s a trend to wear red dresses in some countries. Along with the lace gown, you can also make a stylish headcloth to represent the cultural norms and values in an elegant way.

High-low Hemline Dresses

Have you ever seen a bride wearing gowns in which legs are displayed from the front? These high-low hemlines are the trendiest dresses designed by many designers. Recent fashion walks displayed various bridal dresses showing love for legs.

No matter whether you want to wear this to your wedding or another family function, you can do that. You can wear it to any party and ceremony. If you find high-low hemlines a simple dress, you can ask your designer for embellishing your dress with other accessories such as stones, gems, and laces to make it perfect for your ceremony.

Full Coverage Gowns

The topmost selling wedding dress is a full coverage gown. If you want a modest, classy, and royal look, you should go for this dress as it will inculcate royalty and modesty along with a traditional look. If you are planning a shopping trip, you should visit all the bridal collections of all malls before choosing one.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

If you are looking for some royal dresses, Mermaid gowns are ideal for you. Have you ever thought about the resemblance of mermaid gowns with the royal dresses? If not, you will be surprised to hear that the mermaid dress is actually a modified design of the royal dress.

After wearing a mermaid gown, you will feel like a queen. The long tail of such dresses will represent your love for traditional values. What if you don’t wear backless mermaid gowns? As you know mostly mermaid dresses are without back, you should not worry if you want a traditional bridal look in the latest design but staying covered. You can complement your dress back with motifs and embellishment to keep yourself covered.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball gown wedding dresses are ideal for everyone. If you want to look like a Barbie doll at your wedding, this ball gown dress will be superb for you. You can also buy this gown for a dancing competition due to its large bottom volume. What color should you select for your wedding dress? The trendiest shades for bridal dresses are white and green.

Actually, the color selection of your dress should complement the weather condition. If your special day is coming in winter, you should opt for dark dresses. While in summers, light dresses are best to boost up your charming and elegant look.

Wherever you go shopping, you should keep in mind these trendy designs of bridal dresses.

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