10+ Easy Two-Tone Hairstyle Ideas that are Trending in 2018

If you took a look at recent fashion shows and followed some popular hairstylists and colorists on social media, you already know this year is all about wearing more than one hair color. No matter what technique you choose for your two-tone hair – balayage, highlights, even ombré in some cases – one thing is clear: adding a dash of fun, whimsical, dramatic, or vivid tone to your hair will make you look like a diva all summer long. Today, we will focus on 15 two-tone hairstyles that are trendy in 2018, showing you some amazing color combinations.

Rose Gold and Strawberry (Source)

1. Rose Gold and Strawberry Haircolor

One of the sweetest trends in two-tone hairstyles is the mix of rose gold blonde and strawberry blonde. You can achieve this amazing summery hair color using either highlights or an ombré technique. You can achieve a similar gorgeous two-tone hairstyle by adding the strawberry blonde to your natural light brown hair for a splash of fun pink for the summer.

Peanut Butter and Jelly (Source)2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Haircolor Idea

Speaking of revamping your brown hair, a whimsical combination we saw and loved is the so-called “peanut butter and jelly” hairstyle. We talk about the mix of golden brown (hence the peanut butter) and passionate purple (hence the jelly). Do not dismiss purple, as it is Pantone’s color of the year 2018, even if the winning shade is ultra-violet.

Millennial Pink White Hair (Source)3. Millennial Pink White Hair Two-tone Hair

You surely heard about millennial pink – a color that took the fashion industry by storm, interior design, kitchen appliances and so on. It was only a matter of time until this feminine, sweet shade found its way into hairstyling as well. The trend of this year? Millennial pink and metallic white highlights.

Amethyst Roots and Platinum Blonde (Source)4. Amethyst Roots and Platinum Blonde Dual Tone Hair

If your hair is already sporting a cold shade of platinum blonde, it is time to vamp it up and breathe some life in it with amethyst roots – the next big thing in two-tone hairstyles this year. The darker the amethyst and the whiter the platinum, the trendier and more stunning you will look.

Black and Burgundy (Source)5. Black and Burgundy Two Tone Hair Color

Once upon a time, showing your roots was a big no-no when you tried to cover your hair with dye. Now, it is all about showing your roots – but in a dramatic fashion. Black roots and burgundy ends? It cannot get any better! Make sure you pick a smooth silky black tone and a gothic bloody burgundy for an unforgettable look this summer.

Green and Blue Mermaid Hair (Source)6. Green and Blue Mermaid Hair Color Idea with Dual Tone

Now we spoke about dramatic combinations, but the green and blue mermaid two-tone hairstyle takes your breath away. Not many women have the courage to sport such a color combination, but the ones that do leave a memorable impression. It takes time and the skills of an outstanding colorist, but this combo is dreamy and spectacular.

Katy Perry’s Black and Ultra-Violet (Source)7. Katy Perry in Black and Ultra-Violet - Celebrity Dual Tone Hair

We cannot disregard Pantone’s color of the year, which already made it into interior design, fashion shows, and jewelry design. Ultra-violet is a bold shade, for women who are free spirited and are never shy. This is probably why Katy Perry chose a black and violet two-tone hairstyle in a technique that only enhances her natural beauty.

Blonde and Orange (Source)8. Blonde and Orange Haircolor for Women

You may be familiar with the blorange hair – an ombré featuring all shades of orange, from the most vivid one to the whitest one, in waves of summer joy. If ombré is not your thing but you still want a two-tone hairstyle for this summer, the blonde and orange distinctive coloring is the one for you.

Pink and Silver (Source)9. Pink and Silver Hair with Dual Tone

Contrasting but going great together, pink and silver represents the two-tone hairstyle of choice for many young women these days. Specialists love this combination as it exudes femininity, mystery, and lightheartedness.

Holographic Gray and Blue Hair (Source)10. Holographic Gray and Blue Ombre Hair

From our point of view, this is one of the best entries of this top. Holographic hair is hard to describe, but we will try: think about ombré techniques, silver shades, and light, eerie mermaid blues, like in a fantasy movie. Despite popular belief, women no longer try to cover their gray hair with color, but sport a surreal combination of shades to die for.

Vanilla Mint Ice Cream (Source11. Vanilla Mint Ice Cream Two-tone Hairstyle

This color combination – white and mint green – may seem a bit cold at first, but you will make a sensation everywhere you go. The darker nuance at the base and the white strands contrasting with the green adds a lot of dimension to your hair. The color combination and the coloring technique create a 3D effect that is all the rage in 2018. If you have an expansive, sanguine personality, the contrast will be even more striking: a look as cold as ice and a heart as warm as the sun.

Classic Blonde Brown Balayage (Source)12. Classic Blonde Brown Balayage Hair

If you want something edgy and fun this summer, this is the perfect combination to try. Simple and straightforward, you can use your natural color to work this two-tone mix. If your hair is naturally brown or chestnut, you can ask your stylist for a balayage in a honey blonde. Similarly, if you love your blonde natural color but want to give it a spin, try a warm, chocolaty brown.

Black and White Highlights (Source)13. Black and White Highlights Two-tone Hairstyle

When we think about black and white hair we instantly evoke Cruela de Vil, but we should get one thing straight: Cruela has nothing on this edgy, gothic, extremely striking style. It works best for long hair, as you can play with different hairdos to emphasize the contrasting colors. It also works well with women with paler skin tones who create the perfect balance with their makeup. Chunky highlights are very popular right now, and a black and white combo will make you stand out from the crowd effortlessly.

Sun-kissed Copper Red Two-tone Hairstyle (Source)14. Sun-kissed Burnt Hair Color in Copper and Red

This quote from Grey’s Anatomy describes perfectly what your attitude should be this summer. You are the sun and your sun-inspired hair is just the first step you can take to show your amazing personality and your larger-than-life attitude. Sun-kissed hair means a superb blend of two tones including copper red, light ginger, spicy tomato and orange. We particularly love the pale copper/ginger two-tone mix, perfect for you if you want to adapt your natural color or spice up the strawberry blonde that is so trendy among celebrities these days. If you are not totally happy with your brownish hair, now you can get an extrovert makeover, as you can turn in the hottest redhead of the summer!

Two-Tone Split Black and Blood Red (Source)15. Half and Half Two-tone Hippie Hair Color

Life is too short to allow it to become boring. Edgy and bold, this split coloring in black and blood red takes peoples’ breath away especially if you wear your long hair in a two-parted hairdo. You can opt for a straight contrast where the two color differentiate from each other in a striking manner. You can also opt for a graceful balayage, playing with lighter shades to blend in the two colors.The half-and-half is definitely an indie, a cosplay-inspired, doll-like look that matches only some types of personalities. Nevertheless, if you feel confident you can rock such look, you should definitely go for it this summer.

What two-tone hairstyle is your favorite? Which one would you try this year? Do you have other two-tone mixes you feel would suit you best?

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