Top Ideas to Select Zoom Wedding Accessories

At the beginning of this year, a Zoom wedding would have been fairly inconceivable. But, so would the idea of being forced to spend the best part of five months at home. Also the idea that you cannot cuddle your mum is something no one would have thought of. Factually, in January, few of us had ever heard of Zoom. Facetime was about as far as our knowledge of video calling stretched.

But with COVID-19, gone are the times when we did our socializing face to face, we worked next to our colleagues, and we attended weddings in person. The times have changed. We’ve been working from home, avoiding socializing all together, and for a while in the bygone months, weddings weren’t allowed at all. Now, in most places around the country, weddings are once more taking place, and up to 30 guests can to attend in person. But who knows how long this could last?

Local lockdowns are in place and set to continue, specific locations are changing their rules, and many couples are choosing to have only very close friends and family present on their big day, inviting other guests to watch the ceremony, and even the important bits of the reception, over Zoom. Perhaps Zoom invites are the new ‘evening only’, at least for the time being.

Knowing what to wear for a wedding is always tough, but, in many ways, there’s a bit of a uniform. Each season sees a wealth of similar outfits, as summer wedding trends hit the high street. On Zoom, however, it’s a little different. While you won’t need to worry about being comfortable to dance, or if your shoes match your dress, you will still want to look and feel good for your part in a loved one’s big day. Here’s a look at some tips to help you to get Zoom wedding accessories right.

Play with Color

Virtual weddings are different. You’ll spend most of your time on a tiny window, as part of a much larger screen. Your presence will be known, and you will get a chance to greet the bride and groom and pay your respects. But, there’s no danger of you being the centre of attention.

So, use this as an opportunity. Play with colors that you wouldn’t usually wear, experiment with different combinations, and don’t be scared to make a statement with a clash. But, remember, the camera doesn’t always pick up on subtlety, so avoid pastel zoom wedding accessories and anything too light.

Forget the Shoes and Hat

When we attend an IRL wedding, shoes, hats, and bags are vital considerations. They are the things that can make an outfit, or really set it off. It’s not uncommon to spend more on your hat than your dress, or to spend the day in agony in shoes that are killing your feet, all to look good. The same isn’t true at a virtual wedding. No one will see your shoes or bag, and a large, flashy hat will just get in the way on camera, obscuring your face and taking over the shot. So, forget them all. By all means, wear shoes if they make your outfit feel complete, but don’t worry too much about them.

If your hair feels too plain without a hat, find a smaller, eye-catching hair accessory that matches your outfit, such as a Boho head band, or a glam clip with plenty of bling.

Show Respect with Something Special

You might be online, but it’s still important that you show respect. Turning up on screen in a sweater and PJ bottoms doesn’t tell the wedding party that you are honored to be invited. You certainly don’t need to buy a new outfit, but adding special accessories, like dangling earrings, hairpieces, and a pretty brooch can make a comfortable dress or top feel far more dressed up.

Avoid Small Prints

Ditsy prints on your clothes or accessories might feel pretty and romantic, but camera glare does them no favors. In fact, on-screen ditsy prints, fine stripes, and other small prints can be hard to look at, and even give people headaches. Opt for bold colors and larger prints instead.

Add a Statement Piece

As with any outfit, for any situation, a noticeable statement accessory will catch people’s eye, complete your outfit, and add sophistication. Avoid large hair accessories or anything else that comes away from your body, as it won’t be on screen. Instead, choose large, statement earrings, a trendy pendant, or for the gents, an always stylish vintage watch. Just be sure to buy the Rolex Explorer from a trustworthy seller like CHRONEXT and you are on to a winner. They’ve been in the business for many years and strive to provide high standard service.

And Finally, Avoid White!

Whether it’s virtual or online, it’s never a good idea to wear white to a wedding! In many ways, Zoom and other technology like it have made this uncertain period bearable. Keep in touch, to enjoy a pub quiz, and even to marry in front of the people that we care about the most. So, for a Zoom wedding this year, put your best clothes on, do your makeup, and enjoy yourself.

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